KINAL leader Gennimata: “We will go to elections with a unified voice”

The multi-party composition of the movement has not lived up to the expectations, leader of Movement for Change (KINAL) Fofi Gennimata said on Saturday during an interview.

Gennimata stated that, often, the image KINAL presented was not the one of polyphony the movement had aspired to. “Instead of pluralism we had confusion and instead of effective operation, bureaucracy,” she continued.

However, Gennimata added, KINAL aims to go the elections “with a unified voice and with substantial political unity.”

“We go our own way. Whoever wants to look in the direction of Tsipras or Mitsotakis has no place among us,” she asserted and added that “I want a party that is deeply democratic but also efficient, with a clear political message”.

Regarding the question of whether or not the Democratic Left (DIMAR) will remain in the KINAL following the expulsion of its leader, Thanassis Theocharopoulos, from the movement’s parliamentary group after his decision to vote in favour of the Prespes Agreement, Gennimata said that the question was not raised by her but by Theocharopoulos himself, despite the disagreement of several members of his party.

About KINAL’s decision to vote against the ratification of the Prespes Agreement, she said that the latter was “dictated by a feeling of national responsibility and a genuine patriotism which is characteristic of our party”.

“We have always been in favour of a solution,” she added, “but not just any solution.”

Source ANA-MPA
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