PRATTO and Nikos Kotzias seek justice over Panos Kammenos’ tweets

Early this morning, on Saturday, the political movement PRATTO announced that they will seek immediate justice following the two lawsuits that they have filed for illegal and extreme practices against the Chairman, Mr Nikos Kotzias.

These practices are utterly offensive against the former Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs and target Mr Kotzias’ honor, reputation and character in order to prevent the ratification of the Prespes accord by the Greek Parliament this coming week.

According to the announcement, charges were pressed in order to protect democracy in Greece.

Finally, the lawsuits will give the chance to Mr Panos Kammenos, who recently resigned from his position as Minister of Defence over the Macedonia name deal dispute, to prove in front of the Greek justice what he has been saying and twitting since last Thursday or prove himself a “national liar” and common slanderer, the announcement concludes.

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