Potami leader Theodorakis keeps cards close to chest on Prespes vote

Confirming that his party would vote against the government in the confidence vote on Wednesday, centrist Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis declared that a vote of confidence in the government was tantamount to support for the Prespes deal but contended that the opposite does not apply.

“On the contrary, a positive vote for the Prespes deal does not mean a vote of confidence in the government,” Theodorakis said, without confirming however whether his party would support the agreement between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as it had initially pledged to do.

It remained unclear last night when that deal will come before a vote in the House though it was expected to be in the coming days.

Theodorakis also questioned what prompted several non-SYRIZA MPs to announce their intention to back the leftist-led government in the confidence motion, adding that MPs should not move from one parliamentary group to another.

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