SYRIZA’s ‘artificial majority’ at odds with Greek people’s feelings, ΝD’s Kikilias says

“The climate of the artificial majority that SYRIZA presents in paliament is at odds with what Greek society feels and shows,” main opposition New Democracy (ND) shadow Defence minister Vasilis Kikilias said on Thursday, who made it clear that he opposes any extreme reaction against the government over the issue of the Prespes Agreement.

Kikilias wondered if all those celebrating in the parliament over the confidence vote have recently met with people in their districts to ask their view.

In an interview, Kikilias said that a clear majority, as it was known so far, does not exist. “It did exist four years ago in a coalition government of two political parties, SYRIZA and ANEL, which combined their forces and gained a confidence vote. This is no longer true,” he said.

Kikilias also expressed concern over the foreign policy issues and the way the government is handling defence and security issues.

Source ANA-MPA
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