Vassilis Kikilias: The government is playing games with national issues

New Democracy (ND) shadow defence minister Vassilis Kikilias on Tuesday noted that “ the Independent Greeks (ANEL) had the opportunity to prevent the [Prespes] Agreement from ever reaching the Greek parliament, by voting for the motion of censure tabled by ND before [the Agreement was signed].”

Speaking to SKAI TV, he accused the government of playing games with national issues, adding at the same time that the foreign ministry is essentially without leadership.

Kikilias noted that “ after 10 years of crisis and financial austerity policies, two needless memoranda, the overtaxation and ruin of the middle class, the people are struggling and anxious. They are not prepared, however, to cut corners in matters related to their patriotism. Mr. Tsipras underestimated that, believing that he had the Greeks in his pocket.”

“If this is what he thinks, when he decides to go to elections we will see what Greek society has to say about him, about [ANEL party leader Panos] Kammenos and the deputies that supported them. Things are that simple,” added the main oppposition deputy.

Source ANA-MPA
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