Vassilis Kikilias: SYRIZA can’t understand the Greeks’ psyche

Turkey‘s consistent practice in its foreign policy and in the method it choses to gain things is either by forcing its neighbours to sit at a negotiating table at a time and way of its own choosing, or by provoking major incidents such as the invasion of Cyprus,” main opposition New Democracy (ND) foreign shadow minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Friday on the Turkish provocations in the Aegean Sea.

Kikilias reiterated that in foreign policy issues his party does not have any confidence in the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition government.

SYRIZA, said Kikilias, “can’t understand the special importance of the Greeks’ psyche on national issues, and when (Prime Minister Alexis) Tsipras decides to go to elections he will get an answer to all of these” issues.

Source ANA-MPA
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