Greece is leading force of regional stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, says Mike Pompeo

Acting Foreign Minister George Katrougalos and United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo concluded their meeting on Thursday by recognising the “historic progress” in Greek-US relations and Greece’s leading regional role.

Describing the strategic dialogue as the most significant development in the course of Greek-American relations, the US Secretary of State noted that it had been preceded by a year of historic progress that had begun with the visit of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to Washington and his meeting with US President Donald Trump.

The US Secretary of State described Greece as a “critical ally” and referred to the different areas of cooperation, noting that the commitments made by each side would lead to “a stronger future of cooperation” on each of these fronts.

“Greece has been a critical ally of the United States. Now more than ever, we are pleased to see that Greece emerges again as the leading force of regional stability in the Eastern Mediterranean. This area is an important strategic border. The US is working to strengthen our relations with stable democracies and democratic allies there. Allies like Greece and Cyprus and Israel,” he noted.

Pompeo talked about expanded military cooperation between Greece and the US, saying it would improve the security of both countries. He also referred to the Prespes Agreement, saying it would strengthen Greece’s position in the Balkans and help reduce the “malicious Russian influence” in the region. At this point, he thoroughly analysed energy developments, outlining Greece as a country that can play an important role as a pillar of energy stability for Europe.

Source ANA-MPA
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