Fotis Kouvelis meets with EUROPOL executive director De Bolle

The needs of Greek authorities and practices for further cooperation were the main issues at a meeting between Shipping and Island Policy Minister Fotis Kouvelis with the executive director of EUROPOL Catherine De Bolle on Tuesday.

Both officials said that they must jointly examine the potential for appropriate interpretation at a local and central level in order to assist law enforcement authorities in the battle against human trafficking and make secondary checks more effective.

They also pointed out that information passed around through the use of social media and social networks, between traffickers and migrants, constitutes a huge challenge at a European level.

According to the shipping ministry, the presence and the action of the European service in Greece has helped in meeting the operational targets provided in the National Operational Plan signed between the Greek authorities and EUROPOL in June 2016.

The aim of the plan is the implementation of coordinated operational actions in Greece and by extension in the EU in order to dismantle organised human trafficking rings operating in EU member-states and third countries.

Source ANA-MPA
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