Andrea Ikic-Bohm: Austria has become bridge-building country

“Austria has learned from its history and has become a bridge-building country, in a country that uses its forces in the best possible way, as is now the case with the Presidency of the European Council, which it took over on 1 July. Today’s event marks the friendship between our countries,” said Austrian ambassador Andrea Ikic-Bohm at an event held in Goulandris Natural History Museum in Kifissia on the occasion of Austria’s national anniversary on 26 October.

Ikic-Bohm said that in a period of major geopolitical challenges and turbulence, Austria is working in three areas under the slogan “A Europe that protects” : security and the fight against undocumented migration, security through prosperity through digitization, and thirdly, Greece security in Southeast Europe. “We also focus on the negotiations on Brexit and the European budget after 2020. In view of next year’s European elections, many issues also need to be concluded. We are also working with our global partners, and next year Austria will celebrate its 25th anniversary of joining the European Union,” she added.

Source ANA-MPA
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