UN Guterres’ message to FYROM leaders: Apply referendum results through institutions

The United Nations Secretary General’s spokesman called on all political forces in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to apply the results of Sunday’s referendum through the country’s institutions.

According to the spokesman, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres “takes note of the outcome of the consultative referendum in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia which was held on 30 September. The fact that an overwhelming majority of those voting supported the Prespes Agreement is important. The Secretary-General urges all political forces in the country to proceed with implementation through the country’s institutions.”

Guterres, the spokesman said, “reiterates the commitment of the United Nations to provide all necessary support, if required, both through his personal envoy and through the relevant UN agencies, funds and programmes.”

A little over a third of FYROM’s registered voters turned out for the referendum, approving a name change to their country as a prerequisite to EU and NATO membership, as set out in the Prespes Agreement between Greece and FYROM.

Source ANA-MPA
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