Vassilis Kikilias sees the end of SYRIZA-ANEL nightmare

New Democracy (ND) shadow defence minister Vassilis Kikilias expressed certainty on Monday that this will be the present government’s last reshuffle as everyone is aware that the 3.5-year nightmare under the SYRIZA-ANEL government is coming to an end.

The Greeks, who had been deceived, were faced with over-taxation and an incompetent administration, Kikilias said in an interview with ANT1 TV.

“Mr Regling reiterated that the country’s course towards the end of the memoranda and reforms in 2015 was interrupted, something that cost Greece 86-200 billion euros. This explains why Greek citizens are over-taxed, why new pension cuts are coming and why we still have the ENFIA property tax that SYRIZA was going to abolish,” Kikilias noted.

Source ANA-MPA
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