This is not a fourth memorandum and the troika will not return, says Moscovici

Greece will be subject to the surveillance that applies to all eurozone countries. The budget plan will be governed by the rules applicable to each country, EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Pierre Moscovici stressed in Parliament on Tuesday.

Moscovici was addressing the joint meeting of the parliamentary committees on “A new chapter for Greece”.

Regarding the post-memorandum surveillance, he said that it facilitates Greece’s return to the markets. Moscovici stressed that this is not a fourth memorandum adding that the troika will not return.

“As of June 21, Greece is back on its feet and is making new steps as an integral part of the EU, and the EU will always be by your side, as we have been so far,” Moscovici said and added:

“I believe that the time has come for Greece to demonstrate how fast it can achieve solid and strong growth, social justice and I want to confirm once again that the European Commission will be at your side to help you as a partner and a friend in a eurozone that needs to be strengthened and united even further.”

“I have always opposed the excesses of austerity and those who wanted a punitive action against Greece,” the European Commissioner said and stressed that he fought for the social measures of the third programme.

“Greece has always declared its commitment to the euro area and I want to pay tribute to the courage of the Greek people and the parliament which held up the difficult and necessary initiatives,” he noted, adding that the end of the program is a victory for Greece and the eurozone.


Source ANA-MPA
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