Serbian Ambassador Dusan Spasojevic visits Zakynthos

The Ambassador of Serbia to Greece Dusan Spasojevic visited the Ionian island of Zakynthos and held a series of meetings with local authorities and other agencies, according to an announcement on Tuesday.

Spasojevic stated that “there is increased interest and concern over the Serbs that are holidaying on the island,” noting that there must not be “extreme behaviours” involving tourists of other nationalities, especially in light of the World Cup.

The ambassador expressed his satisfaction to be in Zakynthos and said that the two countries (Greece and Serbia) are cooperating on all levels. Up to 12,000 tourists from Serbia are expected to visit Zakynthos this summer and in order to avoid problems, mostly due to the FIFA World Cup that is expected to generate excitement and rowdy celebrations, the ambassador said that Serb authorities will cooperate with police on the island to prevent phenomena of hooliganism or “extremes” in the interactions between supporters of opposing teams.

Source ANA-MPA
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