Stergios Pitsiorlas: Greek economy can grow faster

“We have a crucial 20 days ahead of us to implement all commitments we have signed and for [Greece’s lenders] to complete a discussion on debt,” Deputy Economy Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas said on Thursday.

Addressing an international conference organised by the Economic Chamber of Greece, Pitsiorlas said: “The completion of the programme soon, along with completion of negotiations next month, offers us the opportunity to signal the country’s passage into a new phase”.

He added that “obligations will follow us but we will have the required conditions for planning the future differently and we will have the opportunity to correct aspects and measures which are putting a brake on the country’s growth.” Pitsiorlas also noted that “the country has a prospect to grow more strongly, if we make changes to some of the barriers. This discussion must be carried out comprehensively in order to have results”.

He noted that a precondition for the country to continue growing at significant rates was not to repeat past mistakes, which had led the country to bankruptcy.

Source ANA-MPA
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