We are working for a solution that will not collapse in a few months, says Tsipras

Greece’s role in FYROM and Albania’s EU accession proceedings is determinant, stated Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday in his address to the SYRIZA central committee.

On the differences with FYROM on the name, he referred to his meeting on Saturday with President of Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos and his communication with the political party leaders.

“There is no doubt, we are at a crucial point of the negotiation, we defend the national line with cautious and responsible steps” said Tsipras adding that it is a huge responsibility to negotiate on behalf of all the Greeks taking into account their sensitivities underlining that the target is a solution in order our people to live peacefully.

“We are working for a solution that will not be fragile and will not collapse in a few months, which will not affect the dignity and the history of both peoples” he said.

“We did not change our positions despite the pressure” he noted and reiterated the Greek government’s position for compound name with geographical or time designation and against all (erga omnes). “We are close but the last steps to be covered are the most difficult ones” he said.

Addressing Greece’s neighbours, Tsipras said “Let’s not lose this opportunity, let’s cover these final steps with caution; Greece will be a supporter in their effort to take the huge step towards their European perspective”.

Source ANA-MPA
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