US Amb Pyatt: The stronger Greece is, the more it can act as a stabilising force in the region

Greece can act as a stabilising force for good in the wider region and the stronger Greece is, the better it is able to do this, U.S. Ambassador in Athens Geoffrey Pyatt said on Friday, while addressing the Hellenic Air Force 6th Air Power Conference in Athens on “The Strategic Value of Air Power”.

“The US strategy for our diplomatic and military engagement with Greece is simple: the stronger Greece is and the healthier its economy is, the more Greece can act as a stabilising force for good in the wider region,” Pyatt said, in an address to the conference on the use of the armed forces in peacetime.

“Whether we are talking about the Eastern Mediterranean and the quest for peace in the Middle East, or North Africa and the battle to defeat ISIS, or the Western Balkans and Black Sea region, the whole is in the shared agenda to build a Europe whole, free and at peace. These are our key objectives in the region and serve as the primary focus of our military and diplomatic efforts in peacetime,” he added.

Source ANA-MPA
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