Greek sovereignty over Imia goes without a doubt, foreign ministry replies to Turkey

Greece’s sovereignty over the Imia islets in the Aegean is absolutely clear and in no doubt, a Greek foreign ministry press release said in response to statements made by Turkish officials. The statement was issued on Saturday.

“The legal status of Imia is firmly established. Greek sovereignty over Imia is a given and beyond doubt.

“Turkey is mistaken if it thinks it can violate international law in the Aegean without consequences, as it does in other places in its environs.

“We would advise Turkey to measure its words,” the press release said.

Also commenting on the Turkish statements in a twitter post, main opposition New Democracy’s shadow foreign affairs minister George Koumoutsakos called them “unacceptable” and that they “once again confirm the convictions concerning Turkey that prevail in the Western world: a country of autocratic governance that generates instability and tension in the surrounding area, a regional ‘troublemaker’ and unreliable ally.”

Source ANA-MPA
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