Marathon for the FYROM name issue

A new round of negotiations will kick off in New York on Wednesday, under Matthew Nimetz, bringing the opposing parties at the table for the FYROM name issue.

Contacts are expected to intensify by the end of January, when the Prime Ministers of Greece and FYROM will meet in Davos during the World Economic Forum, following a request by the FYROM.

On Monday a vote on the omnibus bill with the prerequisites for the third program review is going to be held, but it seems that the Greek government’s interest is also focused on the developments regarding the name of FYROM, which seem to be speeding up.

Next Wednesday is considered crucial as UN Special Representative Matthew Nimetz is expected to present to the representatives of the two countries, namely Messrs.Vasilakis and Naumovski his proposal for the name.

On the same day, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will arrive in FYROM for talks with the country’s political leadership. According to the schedule, he will address members of the FYROM Parliament. The arrival of Mr Stoltenberg is not at all accidental and is directly linked to the prospect of FYROM’s accession to NATO next July, if a solution is found.

Greece has informed its northern neighbours that it is discussing a complex ergaomnes name, which will be used by all countries and international organizations and not just by the two countries. Additionally, the Greek side insists on removing all irredentist elements from the FYROM side either byrevising the country’s Constitution or through changing in school books and state documents, even with the removal of some statues.

The Tsipras-Zaev meeting in Switzerland will take place, if the messages from the current negotiations are positive. The negotiation is led by Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and his counterpart, Nikola Dimitrov, who found common ground during their recent meeting in Thessaloniki.

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