Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias visits Washington, D.C.

From Brussels to Georgia, and then to Washington, D.C.! Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has a full schedule, with a lot of diplomatic visits around the globe.

FM Nikos Kotzias also has to deal with Greece’s neighbor Turkey and their “challenges”, like the Cyprus Issue where negotiations were seized due to Ankara attitude.

In the Balkans, especially in the area of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), political crisis scales up to frightening levels. There are somebodies who try to take advantage of that situation and create a pressure point for Greece in order to find a solution in the name dispute with FYROM which, according to them, will provide the latter with the prospect of membership in the European Union, something that disorients from the actual – endemic causes of the problem.

In the Aegean Sea, Turkey chooses to maintain the intensity through daily violations, oceanographic surveys etc. Under these circumstances, FM Nikos Kotzias will travel on the 13th of March to Washington DC to meet with US FM Rex Tillerson. The head of the Greek diplomacy will thus become the first Greek minister who will meet a Minister from the new US government. The meeting agenda is expected to be quite “hot”, with Greek – Turkish issues on top.

Given the circumstances, it is extremely crucial to inform the US side with the Greek proposal against Turkish provocation and sound out their positions to the matters. The United States of America Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt, in the recent Delphi Economic Forum, praised Greece for its “accountability”. However, it is critical that FM Rex Tillerson makes a statement about it as well.

Yesterday, after EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting concluded, FM Nikos Kotzias hinted towards FYROM, hints that also meet Turkeys case as well, that “Many perceive European Union as a sponsor for money and as a perspective of participation in a center of power”.

“EU is a system of values and democratic understanding, and democracy requires one to have culture of compromise and consensus, as we call it”, the Greek FM stated.

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