Pre-announcement of a Special Court

The leader of New Democracy (ND), Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced, during the debate on the sale of ammunition to Saudi Arabia in the Parliament, that he will refer all the parties involved to a special Court. He argued that overall political change is deemed as a prerequisite, with all the corresponding correlations, as he characteristically said “You will not be able to hide behind today’s parliamentary majority, which has denied any request for a Commission of Inquiry that has been proposed by the Government.”

New Democracy sources: “Mr. Tsipras failed to answer to any of the substantial questions”

“Mr. Tsipras failed to respond to any of the six essential questions put forward by Mr. Mitsotakis, while we have come to Parliament to safeguard the public interest” sources close to ND stated after the end of the debate in the Parliament. The first and main question left unanswered by Mr Tsipras is whether or not there is an actual agreement between the two countries. According to the government “everything went according to plan. Since everything is perfect, then why 66 million euros never reached the state? What’s to blame for the fact that the money never came in?”

Right in the maelstrom of ND’s criticism is Mr. Vassilis Papadopoulos, the alleged middleman. “The government claims that Mr. Vassilis Papadopoulos was the official representative of Saudi Arabia. On 21 August 2017, a five-member delegation from Saudi Arabia visited Greece. But the delegation did not include Mr. Vassilis Papadopoulos among its members.”

New Democracy sources point out that the most important political question put forward by Mr. Mitsotakis’ and for which they expect a reply by Mr. Tsipras is: “Did Mr. Tsipras know about this? Did Mr. Tsipras know that there was a middleman? Did Mr. Tsipras know exactly what had happened? Did Mr. Tsipras know that there was no Mr. Papadopoulos in August when the Saudi Arabian delegation visited Greece? And finally where is the final deal? Where’s the money?”

Furthermore, regarding the PM’s claims that there was a second middleman, ND sources, after the second speeches by Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Mitsotakis, commented that “we did not come here to choose who the…most handsome middleman is. We came here to safeguard the public interest, to comply with the law which provides that negations between government to government do not involve any middlemen, and that is exactly what Mr Vitsas certified in his statement, which Mr. Mitsotakis submitted to the Parliament Minutes. In government-to-government agreements, there is no room for middlemen. Whether they are called Papadopoulos, or otherwise”.

According to ND sources, it is obvious that Mr. Vassilis Papadopoulos acts as a middleman and the Prime Minister’s speech revealed the existence of another one. ND claims that this constitutes a flagrant violation of the law, while adding that Mr Sfakianakis, whom the PM referred to as a mediator, acts as an official financial adviser to the Royal Saudi government.

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