PM Tsipras: all official channels were followed in the Saudi Arabia deal

PM Tsipras underlined that the Greek government followed all proper official channels and verified that the man sent to sign a controversial arms deal was an official representative of S.Arabia, during his speech in Parliament on Monday.

A question was tabled by the main opposition party putting the deal in the spotlight, as the question listed several irregularities in the agreement, such as the role of Mr. VassilIis Papadopoulos, who appeared to be a middleman, something prohibited by Greek law with regards to defence contracts, and the actual number of surplus ammunition the Greek side sold to S. Arabia.

During the debate, PM Tsipras explained that the Greek government had requested from its military attaché in the Middle East to verify the authenticity of the documents filed by Mr. Papadopoulos and insisted that S. Arabia indeed confirmed the authenticity of the document, therefore proving that there was no middleman but an official representative, sent to sign an agreement between the two countries.

He stressed that the main opposition party stirred up the issue for no other reason other than to discredit and destabilize the government.


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