PM Tsipras: “You don’t want to hurt Mr. Kammenos, you want to overthrow the government”

I will tolerate no challenges, no slander, no vulgarities by Mr. Mitsotakis, PM Alexis Tsipras underlined in the Parliament, using sharp tones and unleashing personal attacks against the leader of New Democracy (ND) among others.

“I am not hiding and I am not going to be blackmailed. I have nothing to fear, and this is why I stand here, today, before you […] New Democracy doesn’t want to hurt Mr. Kammenos personally, but the government […] towing the same line as certain media”, he added and listed specific evidence on the case, highlighting that there was no middle man, but an authorized representative from S. Arabia.

On the essence of the case, the PM stated the following: “The Greek side asked through official channels on August 2016 addressed to the military attaché in the United Arab Emirates to verify the authenticity of the authorization to Mr. Papadopoulos. On September 2016, there was a response verifying indeed that the document is authentic. On November 2016 came the official certification confirming the authenticity of the authorization. On 17 November our embassy in Riyadh was fully aware that we were not dealing with a middle man but with an authorized representative by S. Arabia, sent to reach to an agreement between the two states.”

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