Tsipras and Macron rescheduling for January

The coordination between Greece and France for the promotion of certain reforms in the Eurozone, was agreed upon by Tsipras and Macron during their meeting in Champs Elysées.

The two leaders, according to sources, talked about the political developments in Europe, and particularly about the failure to form a government in Berlin, a fact, which on its own, causes concerns to the rest of the European countries wishing to start as soon as possible the discussion on the future and the necessary changes for the EU and the Eurozone.

During the meeting, which lasted for 75 minutes, the progress of the Greek program was also discussed, placing special emphasis on the timely conclusion of the third review without any delays. Furthermore, according to information, the Greek PM and the French President examined ways to speed up French investments in Greece. Besides, just the day before, the Greek PM met with representatives of business giants, such as Loreal, Phillip Morris, HSBC, Société France, Black Rock and IBM.

The important thing is that Emmanuel Macron in his meeting with Alexis Tsipras confirmed the participation of France in the EU South Summit, continuing on the same path as François Hollande, who had accepted the idea of coordination between Southern countries, thereby accepting the Greek PM’s proposal.

On Monday, Alexis Tsipras will address the Hellenic Parliament, regarding a question tabled by New Democracy on the sale of ammunition to Saudi Arabia. Relevant sources report that the issue is directly related to the fact that the main opposition party faces political dead ends, and in its effort to come up with scandals, attempts to cover up the actual scandals, for which both the party and its leader are accountable.

The same sources clarify that the illegal circulation and usage of documents related to the case, that are either Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA) decisions, which by law are classified, or other state documents characterized as classified, is a punishable offense according to Criminal Law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published an announcement reminding of just that.

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