New Democracy: “Greece will become a regular country again”

New Democracy has made some noise for both the 2018 budget and the sale of artillery shells to Saudi Arabia, but the party is well aware that for its voters, the ace up its sleeve are the issues related to law and order.

Having served as a government during the memoranda era, New Democracy in its speeches cannot solely emphasize the economy, since it also imposed high taxation on citizens and businesses, and reduced wages and pensions. The party is aware that the citizens hold mostly the previous governments accountable for the tough fiscal policy implemented and that this has not changed for the current government. So the field in which New Democracy can fully differentiate is the sense of security and public safety for the citizens, the public’s efficient transaction with the State, and the rapid administration of justice, so as to improve everyday life even within the tough fiscal framework.

Police – Justice – Public Sector

New Democracy promises to re-introduce uniformed foot patrols throughout the day but also to re-instate and re-activate the DELTA Group, while at the same time, support and empower the DIAS and the Crime Prevention and Suppression Groups. It pledges to strengthen neighbourhood policing, as well as to suppress the “places of lawlessness and delinquency” in supposed “no-go areas” such as Exarcheia and Menidi.

In order for the country to return to normalcy, the main opposition party stresses the need for better and swifter Justice by reinforcing its institutional independence and accelerating the issuance of court orders for citizens, and particularly for business transactions and investments.

How can this be achieved? Firstly, New Democracy supports the creation of special departments to deal with trade contracts, international transactions, and social insurance issues and financial crime. It argues that it is essential to digitize all legal documents, as well as to enhance alternative dispute resolution methods before cases go to court.

New Democracy argues emphatically that if it becomes a government it will re-open maximum security prisons, and that it will also re-instate the previous regime for granting furlough to long-term convicts, while at the same time, it will abolish the “Paraskevopoulos law” and extend the electronic surveillance of the prisoners through the use of “electronic bracelets” , as a measure to decongest prisons.

Regarding the operation of the State and of the Public Sector, New Democracy affirms that no employees will be fired, all Constitutional regulations will be applied for contract employees, overall expenditure will be significantly lowered and that a human resource assessment system will be implemented based on job descriptions.


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