SYRIZA deputy Filis calls for cancellation of ammunition sale to Saudi Arabia

SYRIZA deputy and member of the party’s political council Nikos Filis called on the government on Thursday to cancel an agreement to sell defence material to Saudi Arabia for fear it will be used against Yemen.

The controversial agreement is due to be discussed in Parliament in response to a formal question tabled by the opposition. Although questions are responded to in Parliament by the relevant minister, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has requested a postponement of the date of discussion in order to be able to attend and respond personally to the opposition’s criticism of it once he returns from France.

“The government should cancel the agreement to sell ammunition to Saudi Arabia,” Filis, a former minister, said, adding that “from the point of view of national interests and the Left, which defends global values and ideals, it would be infinitely better to cancel the sale of ammunition, and particularly aerial bombs MK-82, to the Riyadh regime, which will very probably use them in Yemen.”

Source ANA-MPA
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