Social benefits shall be distributed earlier, SYRIZA MPs request

A briefing on the government’s draft budget was held this Thursday with the presence of members and lawmakers from both coalition governing parties. Alternate Finance Minister, George Chouliarakis, received requests for the earlier distribution of the “social benefit” to vulnerable groups. More specifically, lawmakers of SYRIZA, the main governing coalition party, asked the social benefit to be provided in November, when it was supposed to be paid at the end of 2017.

At the same time, George Chouliarakis was asked by Members of the Parliament to extend the list of beneficiaries for the said “social benefit”; social groups which could be added to the list are: families on the edge of poverty, families with both parents unemployed – short-term or long-term -, large families and single-parent families.

Finally, acknowledging the fact that 300 million euros of this year’s budget are to be given for the protection and assistance of vulnerable groups, MPs asked if such an economic provision could be an annual benefit.

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