Feverish preparations for return into markets

A foray into the markets is planned with cautious steps by the Greek government, suggesting that this may happen in the coming days.

Several meetings which conducted the last days regarding country’s return to the international money market, are an indication of Maximos Mansion and Financial’s staff intentions.

The government assesses as particularly encouraging the received messages about the prospects of the Greek economy, while it appreciates as very positive the fact that the country gets out of the excessive deficit procedure with a decision of the Commission.

Practically, this decision which was officially announced by Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, has no direct effect on the economy but creates a particularly positive climate for Greece abroad.

The issue was also discussed at the meeting held in Thessaloniki by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with EU President Jean-Claude Juncker.

However, competent government sources predict that even next week there will be significant developments in the economy while avoiding to confirm country’s return to the markets.

According to reliable sources, government’s top economic team is prepared well, by working feverishly for a foray into the market.

Worth noting, that Deputy Finance Minister George Chouliarakis returning from London, where he had critical contacts, conveyed optimism from his meetings with investment funds.

The government now prioritises development as Alexis Tsipras stressed in his speech at the first regional conference (for development) held in West Macedonia and specifically in Kozani.

The prime minister said the country would now move on to a specific development plan, one of whose goals is to reduce unemployment rates.

In this context, Alexis Tsipras in the next few days is expected to visit the Ministry of Labor – continuing a round of visits to the ministries – where he is expected to make announcements on the job creation plan.

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