Study reveals what sex will be like in the future

According to a study published by the German newspaper “Bild” and the sex site ““, in the near future, sex will be different than today, since the only goal for both men and women will be the greatest pleasure, while creating a family will be an issue that will not concern couples, at all.

Until now, many relationships have been created, in order to start a family, however in the future, individual needs will be the absolute priority. This will result in sexual relationships with friends and love will no longer be a prerequisite for sex, experts mention.

Furthermore, sex will be inspired by images and above all what we see on the Internet. If our partner is not around us, then we will have sex from distance, as the technology will allow it. In addition, our sexuality will be improved, as we will become ideal sexual partners, thanks to the fact that we learn the secrets of sex from photos we see in advertisements, as well as in porn movies.

Finally, as the study revealed we will become more spontaneous and so sex will be part of an erotic game without limits. We have no restrictions and we do not hesitate to experiment at all, the researchers concluded.

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