Five Worst Foods for your Heart

A healthy heart is vital for our body. What you eat affects your heart as well. Here are five foods you need to avoid in order to maintain a healthy heart.

Junk Food

Try to avoid eating junk food as possible as you can, while the majority of them use low quality materials. Saturated fats along with carbohydrates can cause destructive effects on heart health.

Diet drinks

Despite the fact they got zero calories, it is said that regular consumption is associated with obesity and diabetes, two most common heart disease factors. Some researchers have shown that these kinds of drinks can make people regain the lost weight due to some chemicals they contain.


A diet containing high levels of sugar is detrimental to the heart too and can lead to diabetes, obesity and high levels of cholesterol in blood

Canned Vegetables

Vegetables are considered to be used for a friendly diet, although not the canned ones. Due to the preservatives used, these kinds of vegetables are full with salt and as it is known, too much salt can lead to higher levels of blood pressure.

Frozen Meals

As you know, frozen meals are much easier to be cooked, especially when you are run out of time. Like canned vegetables, frozen meals are high in sodium too and so they can lead to many heart problems.

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