Eurovision 2017 winner: Salvador Sobral could receive an artificial heart

Salvador Sobral continues to “fight” for his life, waiting to find a donor to undergo a heart transplant. However, for the first time in several days, there are positive news.

According to the Portuguese press, the 27-year-old Eurovision winner of 2017 came out of the Intensive Care Unit, although his vital functions are still being monitored mechanically, and he is the first on the transplant waiting list.

A few days ago, the president of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology pointed out that the most suitable donor should be at most 35 years old and with a blood group, height and weight similar to those of the singer and this why, it is more likely that the transplant will come from a brain-dead patient after an accident.

However, according to newer information, it is not excluded that the singer might receive an artificial heart, in order to stay alive.

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