Four mistakes Greek women do and remain single

Tired of being single? Do you feel a little bit jealous of your friends being in a relationship and you are wondering, why you still remain single? Here are the most common mistakes Greek girls do.

Love yourself

There is a rule. If you do not first love yourself, then no one will. Stop thinking that you are not in a relationship because you do not deserve it. There are lots of men who agree, for sure.

Scared of rejection

Remember that your relationship failures will always be more than your successes. Moreover, what is life without some risk? If you do not try, then you will never know if someone deserves to be with you or not. So take the initiative and do not be afraid of rejection.

Seem available

Go out and have fun. Stop using your mobile phone all the time, because no one is going to notice how beautiful and impressive you are.

High standards

It is always good to have some standards that concerns not only appearance, but character as well. So stop looking for the perfect appearance. Sometimes, happiness can be found in a person you would not ever think of.

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