Jennifer Aniston reveals the secrets of her beauty

Recently, Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 48th birthday with her husband Justin Theroux in a trip to Mexico, where she wore a bikini and left us all speechless with her toned body.

But how she manages to look like a 20 year old lady?

According to an old interview of hers:

  1. She tries to keep her diet balanced throughout the year. She tries to drink a lot of water and she eats a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Her favorite breakfast is a banana smoothie, cherries, protein powder, almond milk and cocoa!
  2. She found ways to make healthier meals with food that has a lot of calories. For example, she admits that she cannot resist pasta, although she tries to replace it with vegetable lasagna with eggplant pulp and zucchini.
  3. Finally, she exercises a lot, but she is doing it in various ways. It is known that Jennifer loves yoga, although she combines it with circular gymnastics and running.
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