Three foods you should avoid eating for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It can save you from unnecessary calories, give you the energy you need, but it can also ruin your day.

Nutritionists agree that no one should skip breakfast, even if it is on a strict diet. But there are foods that are not suitable for the start of the day, and can have opposite effects.

  • Muffins

Hot coffee and muffin. One of the smartest combinations. But not for the morning, and not as an exclusive food. They contain exactly what you do not need at your breakfast, processed white flour, oil or butter and a lot of sugar.

  • Bacon, sausages

No one disputes their taste, but no one can deny that bacon and sausages are now directly associated with colorectal cancer.

  • Donuts

Delicious, real temptation, but a breakfast of donuts has no other benefit besides the pleasure of taste. The feeling of hunger saturation after consuming a donut lasts only a few minutes, so we feel hungry very quickly.

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