Greek authorities: €241 million loss from not claiming rebates from pharmaceutics industry

The Greek state has suffered a loss totaling 241 million euros from not claiming back the rebates from the pharma industry. This was denounced by the Minister of Health, Andreas Xanthos, and Labor, Efi Achtsioglou, in an extraordinary press conference.

The loss suffered by the Greek State over the period 2006-2010 is “due to unlawful acts and omissions,” Labor Minister Atsioglou said.

She pointed out that due to a series of “unlawful” reasons the state did not receive the sums it should have received from pharmaceutical companies through the rebates.

The minister explained that the governments in the said period – New Democracy and PASOK– did not issue joint ministerial decisions in order to claim the money.

For the years 2006-2007, the sums were not received by the pharmaceutical companies because the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision, which defined the debts, was later annulled by the Council of State for formal reasons, following the appeal of the pharmaceutical companies. The Greek State never issued a new ministerial decision, although it ought to have done so, so that the sums of that period would never be collected. The total amounts due for the period 2006-2007 amounted to € 134,400,000.

For the year 2008, a Joint Ministerial Decision was never adopted, with the result that no euro was received in that year, which the State was entitled to receive from the rebate.

For the period 2009 to 2010, although the rebate-debts were established, on the basis of a new law and a new Joint Ministerial Decision, some of them were neither collected nor credited to the tax authorities as debts of the companies that did not pay what they owed. These debts amounted to € 40 million.

“The sum of unpaid amounts for all the above reasons amounts to approximately € 241 million,” the Labor Minister said.

Based on the ministers data, the sums are:

2006-2007: approx. €134 million.

2008 estimated €67.2 million.

2009, a balance of € 17.5 million.

2010, a balance of € 22.2 million.

The ministers said that they will initiate actions to get the money back, while the issue will be examined at a Plenary Session in Parliament on March 21.

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