Long-term investors bought 90 pct of the 10-year Greek bond, report says

Long-term quality investors bought around 90 pct of the 10-year Greek bond, with most investors based in the UK, the Public Debt Management Organization said in a report released on Wednesday.

The report showed that 68 pct of the issue was covered by fund managers, 14.5 pct from banks, 4.0 pct from insurance companies and 11 pct from hedge funds. The final distribution shows that 37.5 pct of the issue was covered by investors from the UK, 12 pct from Greece, 9.5 pct from France, 8.0 pct from the US, 6.5 pct from Italy, 6.0 pct from Scandinavian countries, 5.0 pct from the Iberian peninsula and 5.5 pct from the rest of Europe.

Source ANA-MPA


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