According to SEV, each and every Greek owes 29.700 euros due to external lending

According to an analysis of SEV based on the OECD’s “How’s Life” study, each Greek owes 29.700 euros to his foreign borrowers, an amount that is double the average of his gross annual income.

Regarding the sustainability of the country’s wealth in the future, compared to other OECD countries, Greece is ranked last (35th), while in the penultimate position is Portugal. Countries such as Italy, Spain and France are in the 5th, 6th and 12th place from the end, while the Scandinavian ones are in the top four positions, with Sweeden coming first.

Greece has a better position in natural capital (23rd), but also the worst in financial capital (last) due to the external debt and the collapse of investments/bank financing in previous years.

It is rated on the 4th and 5th place from the bottom in regard to social and human capital respectively, resulting, according to SEV, from the lack of citizens’ confidence in the institutions and the low quality of the professional and cognitive capacities of the population respectively.

More data from the OECD survey:

-The net wealth per household in Greece reaches 125.262 euros, compared to 280.383 euros (on average) in OECD countries, with the amounts set at 231.854 euros for Italy, 292.619 euros for Spain and 198.634 euros for Portugal, while US households are recorded as the richest in the world (383.489 euros).

-To the question “do you think you can trust most of the people?” (10 means “people deserve my trust” and 0 that “I do not trust anyone”, 2013 data) the answer of the Greeks is 5,3 as well as in Portugal, while Germany is at 5.5, France at 4.0 and Turkey at 3.5. Trust in Scandinavian countries is much higher than anywhere else in the world (Denmark 8.3, Finland 7.4, Norway 7.3 and Sweden 6.9).

-Regarding the trust in the police, Greeks gave a very high degree of 6.4, just like the Germans and UK residents, compared to 6.1 of the average of 27 OECD countries, 5.8 of Italians and 5.4 of Spanish and Portuguese. Higher scores (7-8) were given by Scandinavian citizens.

-Over the trust in the government, 25.3% of the Greeks replied in the affirmative, as the average citizen in the OECD replies at a rate of 37.6%. In the Scandinavian countries, the percentage exceeds 50%, while the countries of the European South results at the same level as Greece. Switzerland is top ranked with 77.9%, while Norway (64.8%), Germany (60%), Canada (59.3%) and the United Kingdom (42.9%) have high percentages too. The rate in Turkey is 54.2% and in the US 33.1%.

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