Greece takes the 67th position in Transparency International’s Global Corruption Perceptions Index

Transparency International issued on January its yearly report on global corruption levels. Best known as Corruption Perceptions Index, Transparency International’s 2018 report presented a grim picture for most European countries on the issue of corruption. Bulgaria is the first European country suffering from high corruption scores, aggregating 42 points out of 100. Greece comes second with 45 points while Hungary finishes third with 46 points. Hungary is the fifth consecutive year which presents a marked increase in its corruption levels.

Greece ranks in the 67th place of the global corruption list, equated with countries like Montenegro and Senegal. Transparency International aggregates these points from codification of the interview responses given by common citizens in their countries of residence. Best countries top the list with 100/100 points while 0/100 represents the worst case scenario. The cleanest representatives with respect to corruption in Europe are located in Scandinavia, with Denmark, Finland and Sweden topping the global index. The three worst representatives are Somalia, South Sudan and Syria, respectively.

Besides financial indicators, other contributing factors that explain the rise of corruption levels in 2018 Europe, entail among others the diplomatic impasse on Brexit negotiations; a surge in money laundering activities across Europe; the rise of far-right nationalism; increased cross-border mobility of undocumented people, refugees, migrants and travellers; and the progressive politicisation of the judiciary’s authority. Still, the index revealed for once again that European countries are in a relatively better position than their counterparts in the developing world.

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