Eurogroup decision on returning ANFAs and SMPs in March, EU source says

A decision on the return of 600 million euros – representing the first tranche of returned profits (ANFAs and SMPs) of European national central banks from Greek bonds – will be made by the Eurogroup in March, a senior Eurozone official told members of the press here on Thursday.

The official noted that a second review of Greece by the institutions, as part of the post-programme enhanced surveillance, is now underway, with staff-level preparations taking place in Athens. The heads of the institutions’ missions are due to arrive in the Greek capital on January 21 to assess the situation and are expected to give an initial verbal report to the Eurogroup Working Group at the end of January.

The institutions are to then release their report on the second enhanced surveillance review of Greece at the end of February and this will be used to decide whether to disburse the first tranche of 600 million euros, the official said.

Consequently, the Eurogroup will be in a position to make decision, based on the progress of reform efforts in Greece, no earlier than March, the official added.

Source ANA-MPA
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