Michalos: Women’s potentials remain unexploited

Constantine Michalos, the President of the Central Union of Greek Chambers and of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), highlighted the unexploited potentials of women in entrepreneurship, giving a speech to the Athens Business Women Forum 2017.

He said that business women are about half of the business men, and even though women make 60% of graduates in Europe, this reality is not reflected in the rates of self-employed or startup businesses, while early-stage women entrepreneurs are consumer-centered. Furthermore, Mr. Michalos mentioned that women face certain difficulties, such as funding and information accessebility, less guidance and expertised education and inconvenient tax environement, while, at the same time, women have to reach the standards of a family life.

To conclude, Mr. Michalos underlined the need for greater support and interventions towards the elimination of hurdles for business women and create gender-sensitive policies.

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