Eurobank achieves its goals, CEO says

“Eurobank achieved last year its basic goal to return to profitability. The first quarter of this year was also profitable. Profits at this stage does not mean dividends. It means strengthening the bank’s capital base. It means a stronger Eurobank, with increased possibilities to support its customers, to offer loans for business plan already starting to unfold with the beginning of the end of the crisis,” Fokion Karavias, Eurobank’s CEO said.

Addressing an event to celebrate the 10 years of Eurobank’s Personal Banking service, Karavias said the Greek economy was entering a new phase. “It would seem odd to say this phrase while, in the last few days, we experience renewed concerns over our relations with the country’s creditors. But I believe that these difficulties have mainly a seasonal nature. First of all because Greece has left behind every doubt over the course it has opted. The country’s choice is the European choice and there is wide consensus about it,” Karavias said, adding that the Greek economy’s big challenge was investments. “A catalyst for investments is a rapid implementation of agreed privatizations. We must focus on growth through investments and extroversion. Growth is the key and I think this time the beginning of a sustainable and long-term growth cycle is a visible prospect,” he said.

Eurobank’s Personal Banking is a special service for wealthy customers who enjoy a high-level service quality and constant support in achieving their goals. The bank’s Personal Banking service is steadily keeping its customer base, raising deposits above the market’s average rate.

Source ANA-MPA
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