Eleni Foureira will feature with Kaan and Snoop Dogg in new song Sirens

Eleni Foureira makes another surprise cooperation with global stars, promising to deliver another rocking song before the Greek and international audiences. The Greek singer will feature with award winning legend Snoop Dogg and talented Dutch singer Kaan in the new song entitled ‘Sirens.’

Sirens Song
New Song Sirens
Credit: twitter.com/foureira_eleni

The Queen of Greek pop music who has amazed Europe with her last year’s performance in Eurovision, makes a bold step in the international music scene for once again, participating in a smash hit of global outreach. The new song which has not yet been released, will be distributed in a single to the Greek market by Panik Records.

The song Sirens is a modern adaptation of the Eurythmics’ legendary song ‘Sweet Dreams.’ The Eurythmics song belongs to the top 500 songs hall of fame issued by the Rolling Stone Magazine.

Eleni Foureira’s pathway to global success

The Greek singer’s international career began in 2018 with the Eurovision Song Contest held in Lisbon, Portugal. There, Mrs. Foureira represented Cyprus and rocked the audience with the renowned song ‘Fuego.’

Some months later, Foureira issued another latin song which reached a million views in YouTube only hours after its publishing, the renowned ‘Tomame.’

The new song ‘Sirens’ promises to continue the already remarkable career of Eleni Foureira in the international music scene.

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