German historian Karl Heinz Roth: Germany owes €190 billion to Greece

Germany has to compensate Greece and launch direct negotiations to resolve the issue of the great disasters caused by Nazi Germany during the Occupation.” This is the official statement of the writer, historian, member of the Board of Directors of the 20th Century Social History Institute Karl-Heinz Roth, issued during a conference’s proceedings at Crete. The German historian visited Heraklion, Crete to attend the book presentation, co-authored with the German historian Hartmut Rubner, “The Reparation Debt: Obligation of German Occupation in Greece and Europe”. The book was released by the publishing company “O topos mou”.

The German historian said that the Greek claims rise to €190 billion and called on citizens and movements both in Greece and Germany to put pressure on Berlin to achieve this noble cause. The German historian stressed that “Nazi Germany has committed terrible crimes against humanity in Greece, and has plundered the Greek economy methodically, so has to pay reparations and compensations. This debt is based on international law. Germany has to pay”.

Christopher Ulrich Schminck-Gustavus, Professor of History at Bremen University, noted: “I have written several books about Occupation in Greece and five about Germany’s war crimes, Wermacht, against of Greeks. These books have recently been released and are based on a historical survey that I have conducted over the last 20 years in Greece and Germany. ”

Deputy Regional Governor of Heraklion Evripidis Koukiadakis said: “In Heraklion, Crete, we welcome well-known scientists, university professors who share the legitimate request of Greece – because it is not just a request of the victims – is a legitimate request of the Greeks. Apart from the economic, it has mainly a historical and moral dimension,it is deeply political and Europe’s governments must support this demand as the people of Europe do. ”

The Mayor of Heraklion, Vasilis Lambrinos, referred to the request for repairs and the occupation loan, noting that Germany must meet the legitimate request of Greece. He added: “It is a very important effort that honors the German professors. The question of repairs and the occupation loan is a national issue, and Germany, which is a civilized state and plays a central role in Europe Union, has to finally satisfy this legitimate claim by Greece over the damages caused by the German troops during the occupation.”

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