Banksy to visit Technopolis cultural-industrial complex in Gazi, Athens

One of the best representatives of modern street artistry, Banksy, arrives at Greece in late February. Banksy’s works would be hosted in an exhibition at Technopolis industrial-cultural complex in Gazi, Athens. The exhibition’s sponsor, People Entertainment Group, chose the Technopolis complex to merge Banksy’s artistic works with Athens urban environment. The exhibition will last from 27 February until 26 March.

Banksy introduced himself through graffiti street art and has quickly become one of the most controversial personalities in the artistic landscape of the 21st century. The artist has extensively travelled all over the world, from the streets of London to Palestine and the New Orleans. Banksy currently represents a highly controversial figure in modern pop-art, with his artistic works dwindling between street-level abstract creations to targeted anti-authoritarianism and against modern society messages. Banksy has definitely been the most celebrated pop-artist after his predecessor, Andy Warhol. The urban artist has not dismissed his influence from the pop-art forerunner, even though art critics have persistently attempted to dissociate Banksy’s works from Andy Warhol’s heritage to modern art.

The Gazi exhibition also has a philanthropic character. Banksy’s works will be hosted with a discretionary ticket. Exhibition revenues will be given to Amnesty International to support its domestic civil society programmes.

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