Japanese Film Festival at Cacoyannis Foundation

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation will host a Japanese film festival dedicated to the work of pioneer Japanese director Yasuzo Masumura (1924-1986), as part of the celebrations for the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Greece and Japan.

The festival will open its doors on Thursday, February 14, and finish on Sunday, February 17. The festival will screen the following films directed by Masumura:

– His first movie entitled “The Kiss” (1957), a masterpiece of young love for which the director had said that he had “aimed to depict as powerfully as possible how quick an impact love, rage and sadness can have on young people, driving them to lose control or let themselves get trapped”
– “Blue Sky Maiden” (1957), based on the novel with the same title written by Keita Genji
– “Hoodlum Soldier”, (1965), the first film of 9 in the same series, and
– “Dr. Hanaoka’s Wife” (1967), based on the true story of surgeon Seishu Hanaoka, who performed the first procedure using general anaesthesia on the two women of his life.

These four provocative films are a representative example of new wave cinema the Japanese auteur created, bringing a breath of fresh air to Japanese cinema. The most distinguishing characteristic of new way Japanese cinema is the release from the strict confines of the country’s tradition.

Source ANA-MPA
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