Trikala to host Italian director Filomarino’s new Hollywood movie

Italian director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino has chosen the city of Trikala as the main venue to be used for shooting his new Hollywood film entitled Born to Be Murdered. Born to Be Murdered is a cinematographic adaptation of the fiction-mystery nouvelle written by Elinore Denniston in 1945. The film is expected to be an American-style action movie, taking place mostly in the city of Trikala and the adjacent mountainous region of Meteora.

The Italian director would be supported for once again by Faliro House Productions, an international cinema production company. Together they had successfully produced the 2015 historiographic story of the Italian poet Antonia Pozzi, in Filomarino’s renowned film Antonia. The Italian director had also cooperated with Greece’s Oscar nominee for 2019 Yorgos Lanthimos, in the latter’s 2015 black comedy the Lobster.

The shootings for Born to Be Murdered film will be held at the city of Trikala during 18-25 February. Special shootings would also be taken in the Matsopoulos Mill, one of the renowned industrial monuments in Greece. The Mill covers an area of 3.5000 square metres and is located in the western part of the city, near Agiamoniotis River. Matsopoulos Mill was the first rolle mill of Greece in modern age. It ceased operations in 1984 and since then operates as an integrated cultural centre hosting a variety of events from theatrical plays, art exhibitions to educational seminars.

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