The Body Politics dance festival at the OCC

Six artists from different corners of the planet highlight with their work the body as a field of research, as well as a tool of claims in today’s world, at the new Body Politics Dance Festival, which is presented at the Onassis Cultural Center (Exhibition Hall & Upper Stage), from October 26 to 30.

What unites them is the intensity with which the artists use the body in order to speak about things society as a whole still refuses to face.

The body, which perfectly expresses all things, thus becomes a field where norms and exceptions collide, the accepted and the forbidden, conservatism and freedom. It becomes a field of confrontation, a tool for claiming emancipation, human rights, acceptance, becomes a field of expression for gender identity, but also a space for encountering difference, encountering the Other. The body is always the threshold for that encounter, the limit point for claims, the vehicle for resistance, the point where political claims and solidarity meet.

South African choreographer Robyn Orlin directs an explosive one-man show about racism, homophobia, and freedom; Nadia Beaugré from Côte d’Ivoireperforms an astonishing one-woman protest show about the apathy of the West before the utter indigence of the African continent, which the West has itself brought about; Indian Mallika Taneja presents a daring performance about the role of women in her country and the body as taboo; Iranian Sorour Darabifocuses on the relationship between language, power, and gender identity; and Lebanese Danya Hammoud offers an exploratory performance about the body as a place where the contradictions in human nature come into conflict; while Filipina Eisa Jocson delivers a surprising solo about the construction of gender roles and the body as an object in the market for sex entertainment.

The festival is curated by Katia Arfara.

Source ANA-MPA


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