Ancient technology museum to join FedHATTA platform promoting tourism

The federation of Greek travel agents (FedHATTA) will promote the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology “Kostas Kotsanas” in Athens through its online platform (“Dodeka”) that promotes tourism.

Dodeka promotes lesser-known itineraries and specialized tours in Greece, and the addition of the museum will allow visitors a glimpse into technological achievements of Greeks in classical and Hellenistic times.

The museum was inaugurated in January and has been visited by more than 3,000 students who can learn about inventions by Archimedes, Hipparchus, Philo and Ctesibius through games and hands-on activities. The museum is also the only pet-friendly museum in Athens.

Dodeka, available at, collaborates with several nonprofits and agencies to provide suggested sites and activities to tourists. The site is available in Greek and English.

Source ANA-MPA


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