Aristophanes’ ‘Acharnians’ to launch Epidaurus festival season

It is like a frenzied Dionysian feast, director Costas Tsianos said in an interview on Tuesday, referring to a production of Aristophanes’ comedy ‘Acharnians’ that will open the Epidauros festival on Friday, June 29.

It is the first time that Tsianos has directed the specific play and he wants it to “find its way through the folk tradition clearly related with the Dionysian spirit that prevails in ‘Acharnians’,” said Tsianos.

“Aristophanes offers us a wonderful comedy. It is a great comedy that is also lyrical and poetic,” he added.

“It is a timeless masterpiece which, as all Aristophanes’ plays, has relevance today. In ‘Acharnians’, Aristophanes attempts to ridicule the war and the war-mongers and to express the people’s desire for a peaceful life. He sternly attacks the corrupt authorities and the gullible and betrayed people that frequently follow unworthy politicians. He praises the land and the goods it gives to the people and to Dionysus, the god of love and wine.”

Source ANA-MPA
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