National Museum: Ancient music specialists to accompany Ovid readings by audience

Musician and historian Bettina Joy De Guzman and composer Nikos Xanthoulis will accompany on copies of ancient string instruments excerpts from Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”, read by audience members at the National Archaeological Museum on Monday, June 18.

De Guzman revives ancient Latin and Greek music and composes pieces for reconstructed historical instruments. She will play the ancient forminx, which resembles a lyre, and will sing in Latin.

Xanthoulis, an award-winning researcher on ancient Greek music, has presented in Greece and Europe the first solo work for ancient lyre and symphonic orchestra. He will accompany the reading of excerpts from a Greek translation of “Metamorphoses” by audience members.

Poems inspired by Ovid and written by Antonis Makrydimitris will also be read, as a sample of how ancient themes can be reworked for modern times.

The number of seats is extremely limited (20) and requires reservations by phone. Audience members must pick up the free tickets at least 15 minutes before the performance or forfeit them. Those wishing to read must indicate this during their reservation, and pick up the specific excerpt at the museum.

Reservations (free): 213214 4856/-4858.

Source ANA-MPA
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