Free ebook in Greek and English helps children learn traffic rules

An ebook in Greek and English that teaches children about Greek traffic rules made its debut at the Citizens’ Protection ministry on Monday, in the presence of the author, ministers – and the inspiration behind the book, a former stray dog called Margarita (Daisy).

Policewoman and author Fotini Konstantopoulou wrote “Daisy: Mistakes need to be corrected” for children aged 7 to 12 years old, and provides it for free online in order, as she said, to reach families from all social backgrounds, including migrant and refugee children.

The multimedia book can also be downloaded on a computer, tablet or smartphone and is available in audio for children who can’t read or have problems in vision, while it also includes animation clips. Free downloads can also be made through App Store and Google Play.

The book presentation was attended by the citizen protection minister, the head of the Greek police and a representative of the education ministry, who coordinates migrants’ education programs. Also attending was, an association for stray animals.

Sevenlabs created the book for free and included in it Greek cultural landmarks, mythological characters and useful information for children.

Source ANA-MPA


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